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1. Collaborative work in a consortium

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Collaborative work in a consortium.


Bring ideas to fruition

Product Description : As part of a consortium, we combine our different technical and cultural competencies, and experiences, with our partners in order to bring an idea to fruition. We are open to forming consortia with organizations with whom we share values, for the purposes of jointly applying for grants and tenders that fit within our scope of work. We are open to forming consortia prior to or following an opportunity being presented such as a call for a grant application.

Target Market : NGOs, research organizations and social enterprises applying for grants, and businesses and consultancies applying for tenders. 

Primary Benefit : Increased capabilities and expertise by leveraging complementary resources from Buni Banda and its partnering organizations improves our competitiveness as a consortium.

What Makes It Unique? : The humanistic mindset inherent in the HCD approach to developing and executing ideas acknowledges the diversity of strengths that consortium members bring to the table.


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