Why choose us?

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We have a long experience in Human Centered Design, public health programming, research, clinical, informatics, international expertise, business, industrial design, behavioral science, and coaching. A number of attributes set us apart from other organizations with similar offerings:

Every product or service has a life cycle. You may be exploring a potential gap in the market or for a population without a service or product offering; or you may have a solution to offer but need to validate whether it will meet the needs of your clients; or you may want to scale-up after a successful pilot/start-up; or you are struggling to sustain a large scale business or project.

Our package of products and services are designed to move you forward in your business or project regardless of which stage you are at. We assist organizations to expand the reach of their products or services by developing a deep understanding of their clients’ needs and preferences, and using those insights to improve or completely redesign their offering.


We help you uncover your clients’ unmet needs in your product/service category by eliciting hidden needs that they may not articulate directly.


We help you generate a list of potential solutions, that is both large in quantity and wide in diversity, through our structured approach to creativity. 


We assist you determine whether to scale-up or not, and the changes to make in your service-model to improve your chances of a successful scale-up, by running diagnostics on your service-model.


If already working at-scale, we help you monitor your progress, identify areas that put you at risk of failure, and to create a sustainability roadmap for your product or service. Our unique approach to business modeling helps social enterprises achieve sustainability of their products or services through ethical income generation.


For businesses struggling to achieve a positive impact in the community, we help you identify and select sustainable social goals that your products or services can contribute to, and to create a road map for meeting those goals.


We help businesses to determine the best way to segment their market, price their services or products, generate revenue, create market awareness, interact with their customers, distribute their offers, minimize their costs, source their supplies, and improve their internal systems.

We offer continuous support to the point of scale-up; we do not leave you after building low fidelity prototypes.

For every assignment, we include consultants with expansive knowledge of the local context thus minimizing your exposure to solutions that are inappropriate. The consultants bring in their unique contextual experience to uncover the hidden needs of your clients

If you already have an established internal process for product/service development, we enhance it to include elements of HCD with minimum disruption to your organization.
For large organizations that find it difficult to adopt a rapid product/service development cycle as advocated for in HCD, we help establish a nimble but effective working group for HCD that drives innovations while remaining focused on the organization’s vision and mission.

For every project, we work with our partners to establish a reasonable scope that is neither too broad and impractical nor too narrow with limited utility. We engage a cross-disciplinary team of consultants with vast experience in research, social impact programs, business, design, and policy.

Our product portfolio is broad. The HCD trainings and workshops are aimed at developing products/services that are feasible to create and acceptable thus increasing demand. However, to ensure business viability, we also include a package for business model development/improvement. For social enterprises interested in ensuring long term positive impact on populations and the environment, we incorporate systems thinking approaches intoproduct development. Our research offering also includes evaluating a product’s/ service ‘s reach and impact ( both short term and long term).

We help to guide your organization during scale up to ensure that products/services deemed successful in one context can be tweaked to be successful in a different context.

We help organizations to determine which elements of an innovation are scalable and which ones are not, based on extensive experience of our consultants in scaling up products/ services and through innovative research approaches.

Our trainings, research and design services are modular, with each module taking a short time. This enables organizations to embed design thinking into their innovation process in a phased way. Multiple channels of delivery- physical and virtual - are available to enable the organization to manage its time and financial resources.

Our prices are affordable and competitive, and we can tweak our offerings to fit within an organization’s budget.

We use established research methods with different but known levels of rigor to generate information useful for product development. Less rigorous methods are generally faster, but we guide an organization on their appropriateness at different stages of product development. We help organizations to balance between scientific rigor and speed in a competitive and rapidly shifting environment.

Also our systems thinking approach enables organizations to account for negative spillover effects of their products and services. Although HCD is anthropocentric, we ensure that organizations consider the impact of their innovations on planetary health.


Donyo Sabuk Lane,

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