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Buni Banda

Imagine - Invent - Impact

We are a not-for-profit research and design firm that helps businesses and non-profits to develop new and sustainable products and services. We help our partners through training, coaching, research ,prototyping, and project execution. Our work spans across several sectors including health, agriculture, climate-response, energy and education.Buni is a Swahili word meaning “innovation” and banda , also a Swahili word, means a “shed”; we see ourselves as offering a small space , or shed, where anyone can explore their creative ideas without limits.

Our Mission

To help organizations create and scale-up products and services with positive social impacts through trainings, research and design.

Our Vision

A world in which everyone is living sustainably.

What We Do

- Training
- Research and Desk
- Co-creation Workshop
- Collaborative Work


What is HCD and Sustainable Design? 

Human Centred Design (HCD)

Is a way to solve problems that begins with understanding the unmet needs of the clients, customers, end user or any other person who has a stake in the problem. That insight is then used as an input to a process that generates a solution by incorporating brainstorming, prototyping and experimentation .The probability of success is raised when this method is applied as opposed to traditional ways of problem solving. Using the principle of sustainable design, the solutions generated have minimal negative impact on the environment.

Our Story/ Inspiration 

We the co-founders have extensive experience working in donor funded projects in low income settings. Although the work was rewarding because of the high social impact, funding became increasingly erratic and reduced significantly. Despite the dwindling of funds, the donor expectations remained the same and sometimes increased. The available funds did not match the expected outcomes. Further, alot of the donors’ priorities did not match the local needs. Some promising technologies, such as the electronic medical records (EMR), failed to be executed well; we developed new shiny products that seemed to be rejected by the end users. In essence, there was a mismatch of priorities and needs, increased expectations in the midst of a decline in funding, and failure to sustain new technologies and service delivery models. As a result,many non-governmental organizations were under pressure to transform their business models; many of them desired to transition to profitable enterprises with a social mission but had no clear roadmap for that change.

We drew on our previous experiences to push for a revolution in problem solving in communities that had little financial muscle. We conducted several creativity workshops to brainstorm new products and services that matched with the needs and resources of these communities. The communities were transformed from passive recipients of aid to agents of change. Our dream was to harness the often-implicit knowledge existing in communities to generate solutions that fit their situations and could be sustained with whatever resources were locally available. We registered Buni Banda, a not-for - profit organization to deliver this dream after a decade of applying human centered design in our work.


We help you uncover your clients’ unmet needs in your product/service category by eliciting hidden needs that they may not articulate directly.


We help you generate a list of potential solutions, that is both large in quantity and wide in diversity, through our structured approach to creativity. 


We assist you determine whether to scale-up or not, and the changes to make in your service-model to improve your chances of a successful scale-up, by running diagnostics on your service-model.

Our Value Proposition


If already working at-scale, we help you monitor your progress, identify areas that put you at risk of failure, and to create a sustainability roadmap for your product or service. Our unique approach to business modeling helps social enterprises achieve sustainability of their products or services through ethical income generation.


For businesses struggling to achieve a positive impact in the community, we help you identify and select sustainable social goals that your products or services can contribute to, and to create a road map for meeting those goals.


We help businesses to determine the best way to segment their market, price their services or products, generate revenue, create market awareness, interact with their customers, distribute their offers, minimize their costs, source their supplies, and improve their internal systems.

Who do we work with?

We support all forms of organisations including government agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), for-profit businesses and not-for-profit enterprises. We work across all sectors with a focus on health, agriculture, climate-response, energy and education. Regardless of your organization’s size, we have a product for you. We customize our offerings to fit with your specific needs and experience with research and design methods.


Donyo Sabuk Lane,

Nairobi, Kenya



Phone: +254 712 509 222

Whatsapp: +254 712 509 222